PETA UK launches its first Christmas spot. An emotional piece that demands the right to life of all animals. The organization that fights for animal rights wants viewers to reject turkey dinners at future Christmas celebrations. Therefore, the spot highlights how these intelligent and sociable animals end up being the main dish at Thanksgiving dinners. To give visibility to this harsh reality. The creative agency Dream Farm and John Lewis have created an animated spot for PETA. Which reflects the story of the little turkey Toby who. Therefore, thanks to his mother. Manages to escape from a truck heading to the slaughterhouse.

Peace begins at home: Have a vegan Christmas.

After avoiding his cruel fate, the little boy is picked up from the street, and ends up growing up with his new human family. Instead of suffering category email list the fate of thousands of birds of his species, Toby is fortunate to be able to share a vegan Christmas dinner with his loved ones . Therefore, this first PETA Christmas ad shows that these animals can become pets instead of being killed and eaten. Toby, unlike the 9 to 11 million turkeys that are slaughtered for Christmas dinners in the UK each year, can enjoy a happy life. With this in mind, PETA reflects a simple but powerful message.

PETA launches its Christmas campaign to raise awareness about the treatment of these animals

As PETA Vice President Mimi Bekhechi explains , “Turkeys like Toby are docile, friendly, and sociable individuals. “Each one has a story that TG Numbers should not end on a fork.” The professional adds that “PETA urges everyone to share the comfort. Therefore, joy this Christmas by enjoying a delicious vegan feast. “We are ready to help with our free vegan beginner kit. Therefore, turkeys are animals that can live up to 10 years in the wild, but every year millions of birds die to become the main dish of Christmas dinners , for which they are killed between 12 and 26 weeks of age. 

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