The a different approach. New on Frankwatching Get the most out of Canva with these hacks Miocre management has major consequences from failure to opportunities Generate original ideas Use these working methods W For salespeople asking a good question is priceless. This applies not only offline but also online. Generative AI GenAI is playing an increasingly important role also in the field of sales . Some of the tasks can be automat. For example drafting and sending an email to potential leads. mindset is a great advantage.

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It is important to focus on the desir outcome of a conversation with the customer Israel WhatsApp Number Database asking the question. Quality of the question is leading GenAI doesnt know what to do with pleasantries and politics. Yet there is an important similarity between an online and offline conversation the quality of your question determines the outcome. In both situations it is important to work towards the end goal. An important difference is that using an AI tool to automate tasks is not without danger. The question you ask may reveal trade secrets. For example ChatGPT does not act according to GDPR standards. That is one of the reasons why a company like Apple prohibits their employees from using ChatGPT. Supplement not replacement GenAI is an addition to your sales strategy not a replacement.

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The same rules apply to

Use of AI as to regular sales efforts without patience there is no result. Whether France Whatsapp Number talking to an AI tool or a potential lead you shouldnt lose sight of the end goal of the conversation. A bot that does not receive specific instructions does not take any work off your hands. The smallest nuance can make the difference between AI working for you and AI working against you. Just as in a sales conversation a small comment can often make the difference between you and your competitor.

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