The Key Skills to Succe in It and Its Future in the Country. Driven by the Pandemic, Teleworking Became One of the Main Tools for Colombian Companies – and Around the World – to Maintain Productivity During the Time of Confinement. A Trend That, Although With Variations, is Sustain in Colombia and Open the Door for New Service Delivery Models . In , With the Teleworking Law , Colombia Became a Pioneer in Latin America in This Type of Work, but Even Years Later, in , the Adoption Did Not Take Off as Plann, So There Were Advances and Setbacks.

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Than , Teleworkers , a Huge Number Compar to the Barely , Employees Who Work This Way in and the , Teleworkers in . There is No More Recent Official Data Yet, but It is Estimat That the Number in It Has Already Exce ,. The Arrival Paraguay WhatsApp Number List of Covid- Shook the Structures of All Industries and People’s Own Lives, and in Many Companies and Organizations It Accelerat Their Digital Transformation , Stressing Global Supply Chains and, of Course, Taking Millions of People Home. Workers ( Million in Latin America ). The Issue Has Become So Important That Global Organizations Such as the  Teleworking, and Have Point Out.

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Millions More People, the Digital Divide Must Be Address and Lead to Universal Connectivity. Therefore, When the World Has Return to Normal – or a ‘new Normal’ ? – It is Still Very Relevant to Think About What Exactly Indonesia Telegram Number Teleworking Consists of, What Laws Cover It in Colombia, the Advantages and Disadvantages of Adopting It, and More . Below We Resolve Many of the Questions That This Work Modality Generates. Topic Index What is Teleworking? According to the International Labor Organization (Ilo), Teleworking is Defin as “ Remote Work Including Work.

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