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The Digital Growth Community Newsletter Word member Blog Academy Jobs Events Knowledge base Agenda Over Search for Frankwatching All products Online marketing Content Social Communication Submit article ONLINE ADVERTISING Welcome Copilot new features for Microsoft Ads Live tomorrow Free webinar Digital marketing trends in . Stay ahead and register now like bookmark Michelle de Zeeuw van De Zeeuw Digital Marketing InHouse Marketers March at PM minutes reading Microsoft is catching up.


How popular will Copilot become

Can you also advertise within this AI tool And what new features for Microsoft El Salvador Phone Number Database are being launch In this article I will take you through the latest updates regarding AI and advertising. New on Slack AI and Canvas smarter and faster digital collaboration Of Personaliz emails the power of customerorient communication Of Google Core for your website ma The Microsoft Advertising Day took place in Amsterdam on March where the latest developments and innovations in advertising were unveil. Most advertisers consider Microsoft Advertising to be a small player in the Netherlands.

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On the one hand that is true

On the other hand this is becoming an Thailand Phone Number interesting advertising party due to the new possibilities and developments that are planned. In this article I explain the highlights of the event. Copilot the revolutionary AIbuddy After months of trying to push Bing Chat Microsoft has opted for a new name Copilot . Microsoft Copilot is an AIpowered assistant that according to Microsoft acts as your daily AI buddy. Copilot is therefore the counterpart of Gemini from Google. Copilot goes further than just answering questions. With features such as image creation dinner booking and even online shopping Copilot is a valuable addition to users. Recent research from Microsoft shows that as many as of people spend less time searching for information thanks to Copilot. In addition using Copilot saves time on routine tasks.

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