And simple video production isn.T too difficult to learn. The difference between an amateur video and a professional-quality video is often just a little know-how and curation. Many companies don.T have the resources for an in-house video team or to hire a video production company. So the ability to create original video content can be a enormous advantage.” kristen mccabe kristen mccabe g2crowd kristen is a senior content marketing specialist at g2crowd who Use power words loves writing and sharing great marketing stories. When she.S not writing.

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Kristen is all about performing or anything to do with her dog. Bella. Who may or may not have a ton of virtual friends on instagram. “marketers ne to Europe Email List have strong writing skills. Marketing. At its essence. Is about sharing messages with consumers. This means that no matter what marketing role you have. Whether it.S b2b or b2c. Demand generation. Abm. Or content marketing. You will have to write. “marketers ne to know how to write engaging. Authentic content. With consumers expos to up to 10.000 brand messages a day.

Knowing how to write

europe email list

It.S easy to get lost in the crowd. A skill writer can make even three words count in a call-to-action button. Alternatively. Knowing how  TG Numbers to write 5.000+ words on an in-depth topic will improve your seo and website traffic. “these writing and communication skills tie into the ne for analytics. You may be a great writer. But does your writing support brand and roi? Knowing how to measure your marketing results allows you to focus your time on the activities that work . Rather than throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping someone sticks. “marketers can use marketing analytics software to track a variety of metrics. Including traffic. Click-through rate. Sales revenue.

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