A sales memorandum usually consists

The Acquisition Barometer. So suppose your marketing agency has an average gross profit of euros. Then the indicative business value of your company is between and euros. Important to know value and price are different concepts. Value is the outcome of a calculation and is usually the starting point for negotiations. The price is what a buyer ultimately pays for your business. Step . Prepare an information memorandum The purpose of this sales memorandum is to give seriously interest buyers an idea of your company.


The sales memorandum contains detail company

Information that is important to a buyer such as history and background of the company India WhatsApp Number Database of the company and the market customer profiles and revenue segmentation financial key figures and summary of annual accounts forecasts for the future of the company legal structure and ownership relationships organizational structure and workforce other matters such as housing assets and intellectual property reason for business sale terms and conditions what is being sold when is it being sold and any involvement you may have after the transfer  of between and pages prec by an executive summary. Sometimes an asking price is also mention in a sales memorandum but that is certainly not usual.

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The disadvantage of stating

An asking price is that it also determines the companys Cambodia Whatsapp Number revenue. Nondisclosure agreement Important Before you send the sales memorandum to anyone have the potential buyer sign a nondisclosure agreement. Include in this agreement that in the event of unlawful use the prospective buyer must pay you a fine. In general no exclusivity is agre in a confidentiality statement you are therefore free to speak with other candidates. Nondisclosure agreement source Photo Art Lucas Shutterstock Step . Search and find buyers Most entrepreneurs think that one day someone will come along and buy their business but it doesnt work that way. You will have to actively go to the farm yourself.

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