The the messages they share are visually appealing. They use good highquality images photos with themselves or videos to support their content. This visual aspect not only makes their posts more attractive but it also increases the likelihood of them being view and receiving responses. These points highlight how the top CEOs on LinkIn excel through consistency storytelling and visual appeal. By effectively applying these elements in their LinkIn strategy they earn a place in the top and an advantage over others. They demonstrate the power of personal leadership on LinkIn. Areas for improvement for the Clevel profile of the top Although content on LinkIn is the source of interaction and reach it is striking that even CEOs within the top regularly use profiles that are design according to the LinkIn standard of the yea.

The profiles still regularly focus on work

Experience character traits and competencies. where a summary or other visual Canada Telegram Database is completely missing. This phenomenon is not unusual within Clevel Netherlands and the rest of the top . On average the top CEOs generate enormous reach with approximately posts per year. A question that arises is why these profiles radiate more work experience than leadership.f the organization Information about the themes and challenges that the CEO is concern with is often lacking.

Telegram Database

As a result the profile itself does not


Inspire people to follow and stay inform of Nigeria Telegram Number developments surrounding the organization. Also read The most important ingrient for employee advocacy in personalization Good examples Fortunately there are also good examples such as Manon van Beek Viktor Knaap Dolf van den Brink Dimitri de Vreeze and Roy Jacobs. Their profiles meet the standard by highlighting not only their experience and skills but also their leadership vision their organizations mission and the strategic challenges they are working on. Screenshot of the LinkIn profile of TenneT CEO Manon van.

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