In this modern era, it’s okay if you don’t know  servers. Especially if you want to work in the IT field. Must know! This is the technical meaning of   server. A server is software that provides services in the form of data. Functions to  receive HTTP or HTTPS requests from clients or what we know as   browsers (Chrome, Firefox). Next, it will send a response to the request to the client in the form of a   page. How come you’re starting to understand, right ? In essence, the  server is a service provider for clients, where clients request information in the form of websites. Apart from that, you have to know that a   server is one of the user’s needs too , you know . Why? Because the web server has a large storage capacity and fast access. So it can prevent errors from occurring on a website or application.

Main Functions of a Web Server

It will also send a response to the request to the client in the form of a web page which is generally HTML. If we talk in detail, the Web Server has a role in processing various data requested by the client (web browser). Then it provides results or answers in the form of documents, videos, photos or whatsapp number list various other forms of files. Let’s break it down into several functional parts of the web server: Clean various caches found in storage as well as all documents that are no longer in use. Checking the security system originating from HTTP requests based on client or web browser requests . Providing data based on incoming requests or requests to ensure system security that runs smoothly. Also read: Difference between HTTP and HTTPS complete with explanation The HTTP and HTTPS protocols are used by web servers to communicate with clients. With the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, communication between servers and clients can be connected and can be understood easily.

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As a programmer , you must also know the types and examples of web servers that are commonly used. Here are several types of web servers, as follows. Web Server Apache The web server that is popular and most widely used by most people is the Apache type. Initially Apache was designed to fully support the UNIX operating system. Apart from being quite easy to implement, Apache also has several supporting programs TG Numbers so that it provides complete services, such as PHP, SSI and access control. Here are the details: PHP ( Personal Home Page or PHP Hypertext Processor ) A CGI-like program, which functions to process text that works on the server. Apache really supports PHP by placing it as one of its modules (mod_php). This makes PHP work better. SSI ( Server Side Include ) Commands that can be included in HTML files.

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