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After an e-commerce organization becomes a big player, the relationship with the platform will usually be more complicated than before, and both parties have to find a new balance in this new relationship. The same is true between Oriental Selection and Douyin. More than a month ago, Yu Minhong once described the relationship between the two as “mutual achievement”. This is easy to understand. Oriental Selection has used Douyin to become a super anchor, and even led the entire New Oriental to survive adversity;

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Douyin live e-commerce from a hawking style to an era that pays more attention to content. But this description also reveals the ambition of Oriental Belgium Phone Number Data Selection. It does not limit itself to the role of an e-commerce organization that only relies on the platform to do business. In fact, just two months after it became popular, Oriental Selection launched its own APP. The goal was ambitious from the beginning. In the past few days, the reactions of both parties to the shutdown and resumption of the live broadcast room of the Oriental Selections self-operated store on Douyin gave us a deeper understanding of the term “mutual achievement”.

There is a more subtle and tacit mutual

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Need between the leading e-commerce organizations and platforms at the moment. I switched jobs to be a B-side product manager and prepared to do Africa Phone Number  something big, but I found that I had simplified the problem. In recent years, the B-side business has developed vigorously, and many people in related positions (C-side product managers, interaction, testing, R&D, operations, project managers, etc.) have transformed into B-side products. But most people will start to think about the B-side… View details> Oriental Selection wants to build an independent e-commerce APP, but this road is very difficult, and the current Oriental Selection cannot sustain it. The performance of Douyin e-commerce does not depend on any large live broadcast room. Oriental Selection is already a thing of the past for Douyin. Douyin does not need to chase after it.

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