The Date. It is a Sector That Requires Digital Solutions in Terms of Environmental and Territorial Sensors, Meteorological Applications and Equipment Automation for the Increasingly Precise Management of Water, Fertilizers and Phytosanitary Products. . Iot and Public Administration Today, Public Administrations Play a Key Role in the Development of the Internet of Things. Technology is Usually Regulat, Financ and Manag by the Public Sector. Smart Manufacturing (Industry .) Smart Manufacturing (Also Call Industry .) Was Undoubtly One of the Precursors of the Iot World. Iot Applications Have Been Active for Many Years, Long Before People Began to Talk About the Internet of Things.

Today This Sector is One of the

Most Mature and Combines Topics Relat to Automation and Robotics. Smart Manufacturing Also Overlaps With the World of Industry ., That is, With a True Development Policy to Extend the Introduction of Digital in the World of Industry. A Trend That Was Born in Germany and Has Found Its Counterpart in the Unit States Jordan WhatsApp Number List With the Phenomenon of the Digital Factory. At the Same Time, It Has Been Us as One of the Long-term Objectives of Recent Governments in Colombia . From the Internet of Things to Smart Products the Iot is the Basis for the Creation of So-call “connect Products”. Objects That ‘network’ Their Ability to Collect Information in Any Context. ‘connect’ to Systems in Production.

They Provide Data That Allows

Their Processes to Be Modifi. Furthermore, When Processing Capacity is Add to Connect Products (Even if It is Minimal), They Become Connect and Intelligent Products. We Thus Enter a Phase of Intelligent Products That Would Be Thailand Phone Number List Equivalent to the Sum of Connectivity and Intelligence. But When Can We Say That Smart Products Change Business and Competition? Here We Talk About a Smart Product Ecosystem a Network of Smart Products That Are Network With Their Respective Processing Capacity to Create New Services and New Value for.

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