Judging from the feedback results and understanding of many parties in the business data industry, compared with Douyin’s early stage of high-profile fights, Xiaohongshu neither imitated Meituan to build a “suburban push iron army”, nor did it imitate Douyin’s early low-price strategy , does not use low prices as a starting point, does not use support as a means, and can find a third way for Xiaohongshu to find a new way? 1. How can the new platform

Capture” consumers without offering low prices?

When you open the Xiaohongshu group buying page, you can already see that there are many set meals on offer in Guangzhou, Shenzhen. And Brazil Phone Number Data Who helps the Shanghai, including Chinese food, exotic cuisine, drinks and snacks, bread baking, etc., with prices ranging from 9 yuan to 900 yuan. Blueglass for 45 yuan, Arabica coffee for two at 66 yuan… Qin Xue (pseudonym), who likes to drink milk tea, opened the group purchase page of Xiaohongshu and was shocked, “I originally wanted to collect wool, but I couldn’t afford it. .” A meal for three people costs 800 yuan, and a hot pot meal for two people costs 600 yuan. It is obvious that Xiaohongshu is going the

Route, but users don’t seem to buy it.

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Capability model and learning improvement of B-side product managers The first challenge faced by B-side product managers is how to correctly analyze and diagnose business problems. This is also the most difficult part. Product design knowledge is basically not helpful for this part of the work. If you want to do a good job in business analysis and diagnosis, you UAE Phone Number  must have a solid… View details> According to Qin Xue’s observation, so far, Xiaohongshu’s local life has three major entrances: In the information flow list, swipe to the post with the link to mount the package Search for a specific merchant and “offline stores” will appear on the homepage. You can enter the group buying page by searching for “Xiaohongshu Group Buying”. Compared with Douyin and Kuaishou when they launched group buying live broadcasts, they attracted top brands in the industry such

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