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Adele Revella But then. how can we win this fierce competition for consumer attention ? Having a competent and qualifi Marketing team to deliver what we have already talk about a little so far: content that brings more than just words and visual stimuli; that generate value and experiences ; that help solve your persona’s pains . 7. Doug Kessler Doug Kessler“Traditional Marketing speaks to people.

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 That’s what Guilherme means in the sentence above — and not just him! Take a look at what Adele Revella also says: Adele Revella“ Capturing someone’s attention and being heard amidst this torrent of information is the biggest challenge in contemporary Marketing. Content Latest database Marketing speaks to people .” I completely agree with this famous Digital Marketing phrase. In fact. here is a fundamental difference between Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

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 In the past. companies defin their target audience and went after potential customers. whether through advertisements on TV. radio. calls. emails. pamphlets… The problem is that these channels also reach people who were not really interest in the product. or service offer. Today. although these actions have not end. Digital Marketing has brought a more assertive and less invasive TG Numbers strategy . You deliver content in a much more segment way to your persona and. if they like what you deliver. they will come to you.

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