The of People Who Have Been Left Without Basic Income. Who and in What Way Will Be Bearing the Costs of the Bailout That is Coming to Recover Economic Activity? Who Will Be the Main Beneficiaries of the Relief Measures? Will the Trend Towards Privatization and the Weakening of Public Health Systems Be Revers? Saving Financializ Global Capitalism is One of the Worst Alternatives. Sadly, Due to the Prevalence of Their Interests in the Spheres of Multilevel Political Decision-making, if Broad Social Mobilization Does Not Emerge, the Signs Prict That the Bubble-promoting Status Quo Will Continue to Be Sav.

Which Puts Us at Greater Risk

From the Next Crisis-accelerating Event That Crosses Our Path. Covid- Gave Us an Abrupt Welcome to the St Century. It Would Be Naive to Think That Nothing Will Change After These Emergencies Pass. Global Interconnectivity Presents Countless Opportunities, but It Also Carries Risks to Which Little Attention Has Been Paid. How Denmark WhatsApp Number List and From What Perspective Will These Risks Be Address? The World-system, in Any Case, Today the Configuration and Location of Supply Chains and, in Addition, Will Accelerate, After the Forc Experiment in Social Isolation, the Prominence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: the Automation and Digitalization of Production, Sales, Labor, ucational, Health and Entertainment Relationships.

If the Changes Are Made Thinking

Exclusively About Optimizing Profit and Population Control, It is Likely That Global Capitalism Will Be Able to Overcome a Crisis, Even if It is at the Cost of Continuing to Deteriorate Social Cohesion and Ecosystems. It is as if the China Phone Number List Locomotive Without Brakes Manages to Overcome an Obstacle to Continue at Full Spe Towards the Precipice. The Reference to ” Black Swans” as Unnotic Phenomena That Suddenly Appear and Cause a Great Impact is in Fashion . Perhaps It is Worth Demystifying This Matter a Little. Many of These Unexpect Events Are Not Such. We See on the Horizon.

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