The Depos Evo Morales, Arturo Murillo, Dresses as a Police Officer to Announce the Fight Against the Coronavirus With a Military Speech and Threatens Everyone With Prison. Add to Them Are Deniers Like Jair Bolsonaro , Who, of Course, Do Not Ne the Coronavirus to Believe in a State That Represses the Population. There Are Many Progressives in the World Happy About the Possible Return of the State. But Globalization, as Many Analysts Assure, is Far From Over. And Even They, the Authoritarians, Know It.

In Fact, What Some Want is in

Reality, Authoritarianism on the Inside and Commercial Globalism on the Outside (What Some Call “National-liberalism”). The Worst of Both Worlds is Clearly Seen in the Unit States: an Unstructur Health System, a Welfare State That Never Finish Developing, and a Rhetoric of Presidential Authoritarianism in the Hands of Donald Trump. The Crisis and Inefficiency of Economic Liberals (and Their Farcical Version, Libertarians) Should Not Lead Us to Admire Any Regime for the Strength of Its State. Nor to Banish Bahamas WhatsApp Number List All Ideas of Globalization and Close Ourselves to an Impossible – and Probably Undesirable – Return of the Nation-state as the Only Social Structurer. Globalization Seems, as Various Economists and Social Scientists Point Out, Far From Touching the Ground.

Liberal Globalism and the

Authoritarian State Are Not the Only Alternatives: a Global World  Societies, With Well-being, Care and Democracy, May Also Be Possible. If We Want a State, It Would Not Be Bad to Ask Ourselves Which One. The Inefficiency Hong Kong Whatsapp Number of (Social) Democracy? Fac With Images of Authoritarianism – and Effectiveness, Only in Some Cases – What Has Been the Response of Advanc Europe? It Has Certainly Been Dissimilar. It Would Be Easy to Encompass All Countries, Throw Out Figures and Blame Everything on the Disjoint Welfare State. And That May Be Partially True. But Not Totally. Italy Appears Devastat by the Virus and Plagu.

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