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The a manual. Writing a marketing plan without target group analysis is like. AGPS without a satellite connection you have no idea where you are going. An unus notepad in an office is like a pencil without a sharpener it looks good but its not really functional. Examples of metaphors A website without responsive design is like a billboard without lighting it doesnt stand out in the dark of the internet landscape. keywords is like fishing without bait you get little attention and even fewer conversions.


A marketer is like a chef its

all about perfectly combining ingrients strategies for a delicious result. Get start Australia WhatsApp Number Database these language tricks I hope youve discover how simple but effective techniques such as rhetorical questions analogies and metaphors can traWhat should you pay attention to when developing training and teaching materials for older employees Is the saying never too old to learn true As a learning specialist I develop ucational programs for the elderly among other things. In this article I share some insights for trainers LD professionals and marketing and communications professionals who want to transfer knowlge to this target group. Influence of mia and digital trends In the Netherlands we live with almost million people ag or older. That is about of the population. We are aging twice as much because we are getting older.


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There is often a stereotypical image of the elderly

Our culture context and social mia seem to reinforce this image. In the labor market Belgium Phone Number are apparently old from the age of according to these reports The elderly in particular those over are working more and more often . and Elderly and learning the struggle continues . The assumption that older people do not want to or cannot learn is ubiquitous. Age discrimination ageism is one of the most common forms of discrimination we encounter. We know from research that.

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