The real pleasure of this work comes

Enjoying a cup of coffee at work scroll through your LinkIn fe to start the day slowly. Boom. OpenAI introduces Sora a generative AI aim at rucing the high and intimidating costs of video production. You scroll further down and there you see the following advertisement Gemini Ultra 1.5 Pro. Wow already You will also see a tip to deliver new advertising texts faster. Because guess what your target group is already tir of that advertisement youve been working on for so long. Youre just not fast enough.


Why is it so difficult to be an advertiser these days


Because the old ways simply dont cut it anymore. from innovation. In this article France Phone Number Database can read how you can sustain yourself in the fastpac competitive world of advertising support by innovation and AI. The shift from traditional to modern social advertising Today the expectations plac on advertisers differ significantly from those of a decade ago especially in the area of social advertising. When you look at current social mia usage patterns and how quickly we scroll like and click its clear that advertisers ne to continually deliver interesting innovative and eyecatching ads to different audiences on social mia. The ne for rapid content production and push for hyperpersonalization have made old advertising tactics obsolete.

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Thats why many todays marketers are dissatisfi

With the way things work now. Who wants to spend a workday Uk Phone Number a single visual across thousands of versions Or set up a campaign while there is a pile of work waiting The rise of AI in advertising innovative solutions in response Generative AI tools provid both answers and indicators for the current situation. There is an endless demand for creativity and human possibilities are simply limit. The new AI wave brings with it the promise of moving from generic onesizefitsall campaigns to a more strategic and datadriven approach. Were seeing native platforms embrace these waves with Metas.

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