The internal live communication When thinking about live communication. Events we often think of external events such as trade fairs and webinars. But internal events are also an important form of live communication. They are often more informal and confidential in nature. Because the shar information is not always intend for the outside world. For internal events you can think of an HR change process program kickoff innovation session training Christmas market workshop course meeting General Members Meeting ALV consultation evening or introductory meeting for new employees . Often the name event is not yet given to such a meeting. But in fact it is always an event from an organizational technical point of view. Invitations have to be sent a program has to be creat catering has to be arrang etc.


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Across organizations and internally than you realize.  Matej Kastelic Shutterstock Cameroon WhatsApp Number Database internal events work Whether you want more involvement or want to bring about change when it comes to communication its about emotion. Personal interaction is key to building meaningful human relationships and trust.After the COVID pandemic we realize better than anyone how important human interaction and making memories are.

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To the revaluation of live communication. This is Latvia Phone Number stat by the trade association for live communication and event agencies in their report which is very appropriately call Live on the rise . Realizing change Almost all companies already organize fun events for employees to achieve involvement and team building . What organizations sometimes forget is that change can only be achiev through good live communication such as consultation ons meetings workshops training and meetings for employees in smaller or larger group compositions. Bringing about change is simply not possible by sending an.

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