The former students. Entrance for an internship with a former student if you know where they work. It becomes a lot easier to organize a reunion . For example see where former students work and what they studi. Practical steps to create a LinkIn page Dont have a LinkIn page yet As a training institute do you not yet have a LinkIn page Create a page and choose Educational institution. Create a page and then choose Educational institution. Fill in all the details about your ucational institution. After the page has been creat you can ask the LinkIn Helpdesk to convert the page to an ucation page.


Screenshot of how to convert your


LinkIn page to a school page. Do you already have a page but it is not a school page You UAE WhatsApp Number Database also see in the URL of your page whether you have a company page or a school page. Screenshot of the difference in the LinkIn link when you register a school or company. Is this not yet the case Then send a message to the LinkIn helpdesk to have it convert. Choose Other and create a ticket. Explain your situation as clearly as possible. Take a screenshot of your current page and request to transfer it. You have your LinkIn ucation page what next Was the conversion successful Then the next step is to inform your pupilsstudents. Because the logo of your school is only visible on their profile if they have adjust it themselves.with that. You can inform current students during the school year.

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This concerns the students


Who have creat a profile and are still going to create one. Spend South Africa Telegram Number in the lesson on using LinkIn and ask them to add the page to their training. Or invite a LinkIn trainer to give a guest lesson. This way they know how to profile themselves well when they go on an internship and at the start of their career. You also want to add former students who.

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