The on all platforms. This is how you gain the customers trust. We call this omnichannel branding . By 2025 brands full investment in omnichannel strategies is expect to result in the retention of 89 of their customers. Consistent brand presentation can also result in an increase in sales of up to 23 . When you think about omnichannel branding attention often focuses on online platforms websites social mia channels. This is where Digital Out Of Home comes in . It offers unique opportunities in the field of data and creativity.


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With eyecatching displays in public places such as streets stations Jamaica Phone Number Database shopping centres DOOH delivers visual impact. In addition it also gives brands the opportunity to interact with their target group in realtime. The continu evolution of AIpower capabilities will take omnichannel advertising to the next level. DOOH acts as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. Also read Google introduces Digital Out of Home the benefits opportunities for advertisers Cookieless society It is known that Google will stop supporting 3rd party cookies at the end of 2024. Meta will also ruce options for target advertising in 2024. As a result many will look for alternatives to reach the target group as a brand. One of these muchdiscuss alternatives is contextual advertising advertising in certain target group environments. DOOH is inherently bas on this type of targeting.

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On locations times weather contact points etc. Without 3rd party data it can still be accurately estimat which target groups will pass a screen. This is thanks to the existing knowlge and internal data Singapore Whatsapp Number the consumer in combination with knowlge of the environment of a screen. For example you can advertise for colleges on digital screens at bus stops around secondary schools. You do this for example during registration periods. Another good example advertising on screens around city parks for.

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