The AI do Have you also seen the acclaim TikTok ad About that overweight father who also takes small steps towards a healthier lifestyle by watching TikTok It starts on TikTok. Influencing behavior is the basis of this video. Now you can see this as something positive in the case of the father who is improving his life but you can also look at it critically. Why does this commercial work so well First reasons why the concept of this commercial works so well . The father is probably in worse shape than us so we feel better at the start.

The spot will be releas in January

Spot on in terms of timing when it comes to good intentions. . It makes us feel good Kenya Telegram Database our own resolutions. . . And finally by watching TikTok you apparently work on a positive selfimage and the power to improve yourself. Cool pears there at TikTok These reasons can all be link to influencing principles. You may know them. Influencer expert Robert Cialdini explains them in detail for you . From using the recognizable family relationship father son and responding to our sympathy to the feeling of reciprocity you see what TikTok gives us all its all there. Reason for a critical attitude.

Telegram Database

Better late than never I recently

Pick up the book No Logo by Naomi Klein affiliate. This book is now almost years old and was written at the dawn of the Internet age. The main idea of this book is to remain critical of the influence of large Estonia Phone Number and their messages. The impact of globalization and mass culture on our lives is being expos. Of course many things in this book are dat or appear to be different with todays knowlge. I also disagree with all of Kleins positions. What strikes me is how sharply there was a response to advertising. Take for example the culture jammers they it.

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