The help you with this. Attractive programme location and catering There is no doubt about arranging an inspiring program with subsessions at a nice location with suitable catering. You also want to provide as much service as possible to your employees. For example arrange transport to the location of the event or request dietary requirements in advance. Smooth visitor registration on the day itself is also very important. After all you want the entrance to be smooth and clear so that participants start the event in a good mood.


Sustainability Inquiring about wishes

Regarding lunch and transport is also relat to the topic of sustainability .  or to feel the Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number Database core values but are you also changing as an organization For example are you already paying attention to your food and waste print For example you could also ask whether employees are interest in a Christmas gift or goodie bag at all. Live communication and interaction Once you have gather everyone together at an event you have a great opportunity to collect relevant information from your normally busy employees. Use an interaction tool to ask various questions live or test statements and hypotheses. You can then have a live conversation bas on interesting answers but you can also use the input later in your strategy.

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Employees appreciate

It when their opinion is heard and when something is Malaysia Phone Number done with it. This also indirectly leads to more involvement. For example generate extra energy by sending push notifications via the event app when something special happens. Create a buzz and make it a memorable event. Internal networking meeting Connecting with other employees also means connecting with the organization. You could therefore also use your internal event as an internal networking event. Of course this also depends on the size of the organization but you can for example use an event app to enable people to chat with each other or send connection requests.

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