The States. Before Implementing This Tool, the Bogotá Treasury Secretariat Had a System Divid Into Modules One for Treasury and Another for Accounting That, Although They Were Interoperable, at a Certain Point They Did Not Complement Each Other, Which Did Not Allow Effective Unification of Operations. By Law, District Accounts Are Requir to Be Manag […]
The “we Have Been Implementing a Digital Plan for About Five to Six Years, in Which Digital is Not the End Goal, but Rather the Means to Achieve the Company’s Strategy and Generate Value. Our Main Bet Focuses on the Consumer Experience With Corona and the Supply Chain ,” Adds Gabriel Pardo. On the Other […]
Percentage Points, in It Was Nine, in , Points (in All These Cases in Favor of the Fa ) and in , Only Two Points (in This Case, in Favor of the National Party Candidate and the Coalition That Support Him). Although the Center-right Bloc Wins in , the Results Show That This Victory is […]
The Ne These Technologies to Optimize Their Operations. This is Where Assist Contributes So That These Small Companies Have Access to Comprehensive and Efficient Technological Solutions,” Said Luis Fernando Caico in an Interview Prior to Andicom . Below is the Interview With Luis Fernando Caico, President of Assist in the Future, Assist Aims to Continue […]
The It ,” Says Alejandro Azofeifa. “We Have Been Promoting digitaltransformation in Asia for More Than Years and Now We Want to Be That Ally for Latin America. Banking Has Been Characteriz by Means of Payment Such as Cards, Which Are Technologies That Are More Than Years Old, but There Are Low Levels of Financial […]
The Next Three Years. “innovation and New Technologies Are Real Drivers of Growth for Our Company ,” Explain Bernardo Serna, President of Productos Ramo. “thanks to These Solutions, We Can Now Access Information of Maximum Value and. Relevant Data, Both to Elevate Our Operation to a New Level and to Make Inform. Decisions in Real […]
The the Transformation Automation in the Supply Chain Alpina, a Colombian Multinational Dicat to Food Production, is Making a Significant Investment to Promote Good Practices in Its Supply Chain. Through Cloud Solutions, the Company is Achieving Greater Control and Analysis of End-to-end Information. This Company, Which Has Been Producing Dairy-bas Foods for Years and Operates […]
The of Initiatives, in Addition to Providing a Better Experience, Aim to Achieve Financial Inclusion and Eliminate the Use of Cash. Therefore, Huawei Urges to Continue Innovating in All Areas of the Financial Institution and Not to Fear the New Opportunities That Technology Provides. “digital Transformation is a Reality and Huawei is Promoting It Worldwide, […]
The Latin America , Which is Still Govern by an Era Prior to Digitalization, Which Makes Processes Slower. Furthermore, Another Common Challenge in the Countries of the Region is Financial Inclusion. “traditionally, Banking Has Been Develop in Payment Methods Such as Crit and Debit Cards, a Technology That is More Than Years Old, Which Limits […]
The “if Etb Has Been Around for Years, It is Because It Has Been Transforming All the Time , ” Says Fabián Villalobos, Hence the Etb Trending Summit Was Born to Show Those Changes and That Differentiator. “we Have Evolv So Much That Today We Have a Portfolio Focus on the Human Experience, Which Involves […]
The Social Communicator and Journalist. I Have Work in Digital Journalism and Social Mia, and I Have Experience in Investigative and Data Journalism. Winner of the Accenture Journalism Award in the Business and Technology Category. I Complet a Diploma in Investigative Journalism With Cide México and the Ford Foundation. E-mailfollow Me in White Paper Coffee […]
The More Detail, Albornoz States That, in Modern Times, Training is a Fundamental Variable Along With Understanding Customers. “we Have Seen in This Event How Training Does Not Come Alone, the Transformation Comes From an Understanding of the Client to Then Transform Organizational Processes and, Yes, Also Renew Our Business Models,” Says the Director. From […]

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