The Latin America , Which is Still Govern by an Era Prior to Digitalization, Which Makes Processes Slower. Furthermore, Another Common Challenge in the Countries of the Region is Financial Inclusion. “traditionally, Banking Has Been Develop in Payment Methods Such as Crit and Debit Cards, a Technology That is More Than Years Old, Which Limits Being Able to Include It ,” Says Alejandro Azofeifa. “We Have Been Promoting digitaltransformation in Asia for More Than Years and Now We Want to Be That Ally for Latin America. Banking Has Been Characteriz by Means of Payment Such as Cards.

Which Are Technologies That

Are More Than Years Old, but There Are Low Levels of Financial Inclusion in… — Ict Impact (impactotic) June , Smart Banking to Achieve Financial Inclusion Although There is Talk of the Banking of the Future, It is Something That is Already Being Develop and Huawei Calls Thailand WhatsApp Number List It ‘smart Banking’, Which Consists of Customer Acquisition Being Digital , Achieving This Through the Incorporation of Technologies Such as Artificial Intelligence. “there Are Technologies That Must Be Incorporat, and That is What We Call Smart Banking or the Smart Branch. It Was Thought That the.

Physical Branch Was Going to

Disappear, but What It Did Was Transform Itself Into a Place of Experiences” Alejandro Azofeifa. However, These Experiences Must Also Be Transferr to Banks’ Digital Platforms. Currently, Customers Enjoy a Good Experience Canada Email List From the App, but the Problem is That These Digital Channels Are Not Easily Accessible for People Who Are Not Customers of the Bank or Who Are Not Bank. “there is a Global Concept That is the ‘superapp’, the Pandemic Taught That We . For This Reason, This ‘superapp’ Comes to Break the Scheme of Digital Acquisition, in Which Everyone Can Access and See the Benefits That the Bank Provides Through a Digital Ecosystem ,” He Points Out These Types.

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