When you headed for Energy Manager Today or Environmental Leader this morning and landed here instead, your initial thought was probably, “What a great-looking website!” Your next thought may have been, “But am I in the wrong place?” Well, first, thanks for the compliment. And second, don’t fret: you are indeed in the right place. Whether you were From the Editor: What Do You looking for Environmental Leader or Energy Manager Today, you’ve arrived at the new home of both: welcome to Environment + Energy Leader! Many months in the making, our newly designed and combined website maintains all the things you loved about EL and EMT – relevant content and insights about the industries that are most important to you. However, while we have delighted in giving you the most pertinent news and updates each day, we know that great content isn’t enough.

A decade ago, when we launched EL and then EM

Sustainability, energy and EHS professionals worked in their own silos, solving specific problems within their specific operations and rarely working From the Editor: What Do You directly with practitioners in other areas of environmental and energy management. But in recent years these lines of demarcation have begun to blur. Today, you’re finding that you can accomplish your goals USA Phone Number Data more effectively – and with far greater results – by forming cross-functional teams and tying together all areas of environmental management. As such, you need to know about best-practices, news and trends across both the environment and energy fields. Our goal is to fill this need with a site that brings together the useful content from both sites into a single interface designed to be your leading source for insight into the ever-changing commercial and industrial environment and energy industries.

On the new E+E Leader, you’ll find: Clean

modern article layouts for mobile and desktop; Increased ease of readability and navigation; Relevant, up-to-date environment and energy content; A merged newsletter for fewer inbox hits; Simpler navigation with streamlined and more relevant China Phone Number List categories; A greatly improved overall user experience. And don’t worry: all past articles, case studies, reports, white papers, and more, from both sites, have been merged into Environment + Energy Leader. You can still search by keyword to find the content that best fits your immediate needs and answers your most pressing questions. Environment + Energy Leader covers daily updates and analysis across the commercial and industrial space, focusing on everything from EHS&S to energy management to compliance to facilities to supply chain and much more – the same great articles you’ve come to expect from us on a new updated platform.

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