The did in the past . If youre still not sure if you want to deactivate your account. Are undecided about which way to go Google also offers sellers the option to pause their purchases . This way when you are clear you can activate them again and get your sales on YouTube going again. To do so you must follow the same procedure as deactivating your account but clicking on the Pause option instead of Deactivate. SEM and Google Ads Guide MARC MEJIAS SEM Data Scientist. Sign up to our newsletter NAME SURNAMES EMAIL I have read and accept the privacy policy Subscribe to our YouTube channel Subscribe to the Marketing Answers podcast LATEST ARTICLES Shopify partners what is it how does it work and what does it offer TikTok Ads Manager what it is how to set up an account and create your first campaign.

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Advertising Remarketing Cambodia Phone Number Plan Lead Capture Pharmaceutical Marketing Influencer Marketing Digital Marketing Interviews Marketing Automation Marketing Answers Branding Viral Marketing AdBlocks Advertising Blockers Gaming Marketing Pinterest NAME SURNAMES EMAIL COMMENT I have read and accept the privacy policy Cyberclick logo Privacy Policy Cookies Policy Legal Notice Ethics Channel Cyberclick Agent SL RM Barcelona Volume Folio Sheet B Registration NIF B We use our own and thirdparty cookies to improve our services and show you advertising related to your preferences by analyzing your browsing habits. For more information about.

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