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The without harming the reach since on Google there are many users who search products . On the other hand the process of including products and completing your feed is very simple and you can import the one that the brand uses on other platforms . This way there is no need to go through the same process again.  has a large database from which brands can extract product information without having to manually upload it themselves. Finally sellers can collaborate on the platform with their different external suppliers . Is Buy on Google going to disappear Yes.

Google has announc that Buy on


Google will no longer be operational starting September . Therefore brands Algeria Phone Number Database end their participation earlier or wait for the deadline and have Googles own system automatically deactivate it. If you are a US seller you most likely receiv an email. Warning about this closure decision. In this email Google also informs that all orders. Plac before the closing date must be satisfi as well as everything relat to return refund cancellation and guarantee policies . Despite this this does not mean that Google is going to abandon its efforts to facilitate the purchasing experience of users and to bring brands closer to an increasingly larger audience.


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Although Buy on

Google comes to an end the company is already working on its alternative. And Buy on Google Belgium Phone Number a functionality that a very small number of sellers us so the new idea is to develop a new payment process in which Google redirects consumers from the search engine to the ecommerce payment gateway. of the brand causing the purchase to no longer be made on Google but in each sellers online store. For now this new initiative has been launch in the form of a pilot program and more and more brands are testing it which have transmitted their good feelings. What will happen to YouTubes Buy.

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