The large amounts of digital data. Millennials born between 19811996. Growing up with mobile phones the internet and YouTube. Their parents are referr to as Generation X born between 19651980.between the ages of 4459. They experienc among other things the rise of the PC in the digital revolution. The Baby Boom Generation born between 19461964 now between 60 and 78 years old. Finally the Silent generation born between 19281945 ag 79 or older. Screen culture is seen as a threat to concentrat reading. Focus and maintaining attention is an increasing challenge for young people partly due to TikTok and Instagram.

Older people often grew up reading attentionally

If you develop teaching materials for an older target group a wall of text does Saudi Arabia Phone Number Database have to be an obstacle. Girl with a phone in handIf older adults have difficulty using computers or do not have access technological disadvantage can be a barrier. Reality is heterogeneous and more nuanc. For example someone ag 67 can be an early adopter of AI technology if that is his or her interest. Moreover Vandenabeele already made some statements about this Generational thinking is nonsense. Peoples hardware certainly doesnt change that quickly when we talk about evolution.

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Benefits of getting older on learning

With age the level of BDNF Brainderiv neurotrophic factor decreases. That is a core molecule in learning and remembering. The gray matter shrinks and the plasticity and number of South Africa Telegram Number between neurons decreases. This loss of plasticity occurs gradually. The plasticity decreases but it never disappears completely. So you are never too old to learn. Would you like to know more about BDNF and how it keeps your brain sharp I wrote an article about it before . Did you know that older people have advantages in the learning process Later in life they have lower levels of testosterone. This makes them better at impulse control . They have better verbal skills.

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