They measure visual load speed, visual stability, and interactivity/responsiveness using the metrics Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and First Input Delay (FID). FID will be replaced by Interaction to Next Paint (INP) in March 2024. The data comes from the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) which contains field data of Chrome users […]
How do you know an SEO is into topic clusters? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. Lots of SEOs seem to be raving about the benefits of topic clusters at the moment. But do topic clusters live up to the hype, or are they just another buzzword? In this guide, you’ll learn the following: What are […]
Marketing analytics is the measurement and analysis of marketing data to seek patterns and insights that can improve marketing performance. If you’re doing digital marketing, you’re swimming in a vast pool of actionable data. But if you’re not using tools and techniques to discover, analyze, and interpret this data, then you’re swimming with your eyes […]
  The most successful Effective internal affiliate programs have one thing in common: alliances. Why are alliances so important? Simple. Affiliate Programs understand that this professional is a commercial ally and offers all the necessary support to sell.  since they are the ones that perform better and generate more sales. However, in addition to alliances Above […]
There must be some reason why the iPhone starts with the letter “i.” While most people might attribute it to just being a brand name, thinkers, philosophers. And even random iPhone users think about it quite often. Without getting caught up in an endless stream of though exude perfection t patterns. All we can say […]
Where should shipping costs appear.  Up to that point the plan was not bad but there may be a problem. A niche may be too small to begin with and does not provide you with minimal growth potential to reach the next step. My main argument for not starting in a broader market segment was […]
The iPhone has become more exciting and complex. iPhone has its own charm and beauty that attracts everyone. If we talk about the latest version of iPhone has so many cool features that attract the younger generation. However, there is one important aspect that many people fail to consider iPhone accessories  after purchasing such an expensive device. It’s […]
How to create my website for my business ? How to create a website to sell for free? Learn how to create a free and easy website with this simple guide to design your. How to make own website in just a few steps and not die trying. Hello, dear reader of Claudio Inacio’s blog. […]
Nowadays, there are thousands of lists of templates but sometimes we get lost in so many options and without. The best WordPress knowing if they are really ideal for us. It is important that these templates provide us with a responsive website. Therefore, with good usability, optimized for SEO or with an attractive design and […]
Due to the rise of teleworking and being in a globalized work environment. How to Send the demand for digital tools that allow sending large numbers of files has become important. That’s why today I want to show you what WeTransfer is and how it works. So that you can learn how to get the […]

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