This is exactly what I should do

This is exactly Past shame previous post musings on a that the mental health system has let me down makes me uncomfortable. It felt like something I should be able to take my time and not be interrupted. Something that happens to everyone. It’s hard to balance whether this makes sense. or if I’m preventing myself from feeling important things. frightened. Lonely. at a loss. anxious. Musings from a hospital ward. One thing I’ve learned from my experience so far is that it’s okay to be scared and confused and not always know your next step.

Hospital ward next post the feeling

Literally in this case) and I can say that I Going through  to let this experience take up space in my life. or hide it. In the ward I was alone in the hospital except for visiting hours. I went to surgery alone. I had never spent a night in the hospital before. let Egypt Mobile Database alone had a surgery that lasted several hours. Information. confusion. rush. waiting.  deal with it alone. I have to get over some social anxiety very quickly.need help with toileting. but there is nothing I can do.  have to manage my pain and ask what need. Even yesterday morning. when I waited so long to come out of my IV so I could get dressed and be taken to the toilet.

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Something really big Am I going

I still felt bad for starting a farce. I am a TG Numbers patient. When I finally called for help. a team of movers came in immediately and did a light check on me. I said I didn’t want to be addicted. To the drip all the time and hadn’t. Peed since the night before. It was resolved quickly. endless good news. when i came back from the light exam I have been told that I am now moving to another hospital. I felt as though I had just settled down and everything was being torn from under me again. I took my first steps in nearly a week yesterday morning with the guidance of my physical therapy team. Now I’m back in another room in another hospital. lying in bed not knowing how I’m going to recover here. On Sunday. I even had.

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