Do you know what WhatsApp Web is and how it works. If you still don’t know the desktop version of this famous direct messaging application for mobile phones. (iPhone, Android and WP), today you will discover it and learn how to use it step by step. Both on a PC or Mac and in your own favorite browser. For those of us who are dedicated to Digital Marketing and Internet businesses. it is a great advantage to have all the tools we use daily in one place. For this reason, for a few years now. The Web adaptation of this application has been available for Windows or Mac. which will undoubtedly improve all your productivity. And this Online version of the well-known messaging App makes it possible to have conversations with friends. Family and even clients, from any desktop device.

What is WhatsApp Web and what is it for?

WhatsApp Web is the Online version of the most used mobile messaging App in the job function email list world. It allows us to manage it from any browser or from the desktop of our own computer. Whether we use a PC with Windows or a Mac computer. This digital tool acts as a mirror or reflection of messages. Conversations and, in general, everything we share and do within our mobile application itself. In other words, WhatsApp Web will show the messages and conversations. That we already have in the App on our Smartphone. And, in the same way, the new conversations that we generate through. The computer will also appear saved in the mobile phone application.

What do I need to use WhatsApp Web from my Mac, PC or Browser?

No , because when using this Online or desktop version. It will at all times generate a synchronization between your TG Numbers Smartphone and your computer. Of course, you cannot use it on your computer or browser without first having the App on your mobile phone connected. (which is what is taken as the main application). Therefore, you should not be afraid of losing the conversations. When using WhatsApp Web when you switch to mobile again. Since a “mirror” of everything you do on one or the other device will automatically be created. And they will be synchronized live. What do I need to use WhatsApp Web from my Mac, PC or Browser. What is WhatsApp Web and How to Use It Easily from My PC or Mac. In addition to scanning a QR code, to be able to use it today.

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