The not always be limit to words. You can also take fix actions. For example think of I have told you that you will not be attending meetings for the rest of the day so that you can have some time for yourself. 8. Listen listen listen Communicating starts and ends with listening. Delivering a difficult message does not mean bring the story and run . that arise in response to your message.


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Available and are prepar to answer questions that may arise. And also when it Sri Lanka Phone Number Database to the answers the rule applies be direct and dont beat around the bush about the difficult message. 9. Be available reachable A difficult message has an impact and therefore takes time. Oneoff communication often doesnt get you there. In the case of a first conversation it is best to give space to the emotions that may arise. There is little point in trying to make the emotions go away during that first conversation. It is best to look at the next contact moment for this. You can plan this yourself or you can leave room for your conversation partner to contact you himself. 10. Communication is teamwork Consider also involving other colleagues or parties when developing the communication. If the bad news affects several people you can for example develop the communication approach and key messages in workshops. After all various colleagues have a different perspective on the situation and that provides valuable insights. By cowriting the story they also make it their own.

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