The embodi cognition means that physical concepts influence mental concepts. Since that probably sounds a bit abstract let me first elaborate on what this means. Simply put our physical experiences influence our mental experiences. As Tim Zuidgeest indicates in his article That is exactly why I am happy to offer potential customers a hot cup of coffee or tea. Because I know feeling a warm cup of tea also makes me as a person a bit warmer and nicer in the eyes of that customer. This was evident from research . Also read Psychological tricks in marketing how use of color influences purchasing decisions When we zoom in on prices you can imagine that prices in font size feel mentally larger than prices in font size.


Moreover prices that are literally longer also feel larger

Bol responds well to this by adding decimals to the old price in the Bulgaria Telegram Database of a discount versus ..  decimal places Screenshot of sphere This applies not only to physical numbers but also to the length of the word. The fewer syllables the better. That is why oneeuroseventen feels less pleasant than oneeuroeightten even though the first amount is rationally cheaper. But what about discounts A discount is attractive if the old price feels a lot bigger than the discount price. So you ne to make sure that the old price is in bold and has a larger font than the new price.

Telegram Database

Moreover with a greater physical


Distance between the two prizes you also create a Italy Telegram Number mental distance. screenshot Asus vivobook bold price Something else that Bol does well is coloring the new price. They use a warm shade. We know from research that warm colors lead to action. Color and decimals have an influence Screenshot of sphere The result an average uplift of Now you may be wondering this all sounds very nice but what does the AB test reveal This is as followsNot.

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