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The weapon against transgressive behavior act normal ma. How is AI shaping the future of social advertising Popular. Write your SEO texts with the help of ChatGPT practical tips Google Core Update March these are the consequences for your website Rituals marketing secrets tips More and more.  AI content is this what we want Canva […]

The Happiest Company in the World

The Diary of a CEO . In any case you will read a number of tips that will help you become a successful CEO. For various tasks. You dont have to use ChatGPT for everything because its simply not good at many things . Use it where it has value but realize that becoming good […]

The Diary of a CEO by Steven

The you want to spend your time and with whom is the clearest sign of selfrespect. Cover of the book The Diary of a CEO by Steven Barlett onManagem nl.Perhaps that point of criticism is also partly caus by the translation. It should be retranslat as the late Jan Rot call it adapt to local […]

Create interaction by responding

The for a while. ent in your Reels Stay inform of the latest trends and apply them to comments Analyze your successful Reels and use those insights for new content And above all be creative and have funom such behavior. Do you have these simple things on your radar In other words have you got […]

The wrong pronunciation of these brand

The your organization The impact of social mia is amplifi when the entire organization is involv and understands how it can contribute to business objectives. Encourage colleagues to also be active and contribute to sharing the organizational culture and successes. Building a strong online presence requires time and commitment but the benefits are significant. By […]

YouTube provides extensive data

The this context. Optimize for search engines Optimize the findability of your videos by applying Search Engine Optimization SEO. Integrate relevant keywords into titles descriptions and tags to increase visibility. ChatGPT does not have realtime data so the suggest hashtags may not have been relevant. Build a community Actively develop relationships with your viewers and […]

To reach the widest possible

  The I thought exactly the same. Thats why I start a faceless YouTube channel as. An experiment. With the aim of earning thousands of euros per month. Ill show you how I did this and what the outcome was. What is a faceless YouTube channel. A faceless YouTube channel means that as a content […]

These are not the results I was hoping

  The the story on the YouTube channel in one go. All in all it takes me less than minutes to publish a story. Monetize the YouTube channel You dont generate income with a YouTube channel on the first day unfortunately. The bestknown ways are the advertisements before during and after a video. But in […]

The visual imagination designing

The prompt Describe the story and ChatGPT puts it on paper for you AI Screenshot of ChatGPT The voiceover the story comes to life Now I want to have the written story read aloud. I use ElevenLabs for that. Depending on the genre I choose a man or a woman. The man is energetic and […]

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The classifi as illegal is also increasingly decreasing . Crypto is boiling the oceans One of the most lively discussions surrounding crypto remains the energy consumption of socall mining. Bitcoins energy consumption is equal to that of the energy consumption of the entire Netherlands. It would boil oceans from all the heat. For me the […]

The most important tip I always give

The are many people who also invest with for example borrow money. Just borrow a few hundr euros or even more to invest in crypto. And due to the rapid rise of certain currencies you will have recoup that investment tomorrow and you will be financially free. You can buy a Lamborghini or fly in […]

They also call it poor mans gold

The cryptos hopes to make a profit on that investment. But then you have to invest in crypto coins that can also increase in value. Some of the most popular cryptos are socall stablecoins . These are coins that always retain their value. Looking at the market size the third coin is currently Tether a […]