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The choices to make With this new AI function you can generate a custom theme based on a subject mood visual style and color. For example below you see the subject aurora borealis completed with an animated style and serene mood. A number of themes then roll out that you can choose from. Video player . Writing help where you need it I think this is the most interesting feature on this list.


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On any website and select Help me write . will help you turn them into a Cyprus Phone Number Database piece of text. For example would you like to leave a nice review for a restaurant Then you type nice restaurant good food nice service good pricequality. Then there is a proposal for a slightly more extensive story based on this input. In fact it is a kind of ChatGPT but without you having to ask a question promptly and exactly where you need it. Screenshot of the AI update in Google Chrome that helps with writing texts. This can be very useful for writing social media posts and emails for example.

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Hoe check je of jij deze AIopties al kunt gebruiken Klik op de puntjes rechtsboven in je Chromebrowser. Klik op Settings of Instellingen en vervolgens op Experimental AI. Zet Try out experimental AI features aan. Is dit Saudi Arabia Phone Number jou net zoals bij mij nog niet zichtbaar Dan zul je helaas nog even geduld moeten hebben. AI communicatie wat zijn de consequenties AI biedt een hoop kansen maar het kan ook een hoop vragen oproepen.Tijdens de cursus AI en communicatie leert expert Patrick Klercks je hoe je deze slimme collega strategisch inzet.

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