The that you know the customer because you consider the new age of the customer. Unique and personal. Make it extra personal by applying the discount specifically to a previously purchased product. Guaranteed success. Example . Based on requested customer data By asking targeted questions and collecting valuable information you can take personalizing emails one step further. Create emails that truly resonate with each individual customer. How Three examples Name of pet Imagine you place an order at a pet store. The email you receive will not only contain your name. The name of your beloved pet is also mentioned. It would make me happy This personal touch immediately makes communication much more unique and relevant.

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Offers related to pets such as special food accessories or toys. of car For car Cameroon Phone Number Database receiving personalized emails with information about specific car parts or services can be invaluable. By asking for the license plate number or make of the car you can make offers for maintenance services accessories or even send reminders for periodic checks such as MOT inspections or regular maintenance. Childrens Birthdays Recognizing important dates in customers lives such as their childrens birthdays provides an excellent opportunity to make personalized offers. An email offering a special birthday discount on childrens products or services can make customers feel like they are truly appreciated by the brand.

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Data you can also directly Mexico Phone Number the unique data of ordered products. My colleague received a nice email from Greetz with data from my order. My last card sent was to Femke. How cool is it that they remembered this saved it and used it in the email The benefits of personalized emails Sending personalized emails requires more time and attention than sending regular newsletters. The existing email strategy must be overhauled. But believe us this new strategy will yield you much more than shooting buckshot.

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