The the content planner and publishing functions Make sure you apply the above points within the relevant team and on brand templates. This is how you turn a design into a brand template . 2. Canvas social mia content planner Canva is increasingly becoming a onestop shop. It is no longer just the place to make beautiful designs. You can now also compose texts in Canva using functions such as Magic Write and Translate . Now you can even carry out the complete process of a social mia post within Canva.


You design a beautiful visual write a catchy

Caption and easily schule the post via the Canva Content Planner. So you no longer Greece Phone Number Database to download your designs and upload them to the right platforms. It can be done directly via Canva. Thats how you do that . Select Schule sometimes you have to click More first. Set the date and time when the post should go live via the 3 dots. Select a channel. If you are using the feature for the first time you will ne to click Connect and log in to the social mia account you want to use. Select the pages you want to publish as a post. Write or paste your caption in the text box.

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Click on Schule. You can also go to the

Content Planner from the Canva homepage. There you click on the icon to plan a new or existing design. While this is a great feature it may be too simple for some marketers. In professional planning Latvia Phone Number  such as Sendible and Hootsuite you will find a number of additional features that the Canva Content Planner does not offer such as automatically schule posts bas on the best times to post print out reports monitoring features such as tracking mentions hashtags and keywords 3. Use Brandfetch for quality brand elements within Canva Do you want to create a pitchpresentation for a potential customer or client that is completely onbrand Then you probably

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