The organization stand for What makes the organization different from its competitors Visitors also expect a literal image a face of people behind the scenes. Reward the visitor. Distinctiveness is not bas on rational arguments but in the emotional connection . Stories have made an impact since time immemorial. Stories create associations in the brain. Associations make us remember something or someone. That is a completely different approach than saying the same thing as the competitor. If customer friendly really is the compelling USP what underlying organizational story not just customer reviews brings this to life Why is customer friendliness so important for the organization The formula for an effective about us page The short answer to an effective about us page is a good story. The formula for a good story expertise cribility.

Step into the Spotlight formula for a good story

The combination contributes to the motivation whether or not to contact you. Expertise is South Africa Phone Number Database a good thing because the organization has more expertise than the visitor. It is more difficult to test or provide a response. Nevertheless important to mention. Think of experience or customer stories . The organization that does this in the most crible way will emerge as the winner. Telling facts selling stories Often it is precisely the cribility that is completely missing. Cribility is on the emotional frequency.

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Tell a personal story

That is exactly what we are not us to on websites. Dare to show who Poland Email List are what you stand for and for whom. This should be immiately apparent at a glance. But also tell the background story on the about us page. That can be done in different ways how did the company come about who are the founders what was the gap with reality at the time and what motivat the company to be found what mission did that lead to A personal sincere and own story Put a magnifying glass on a moment from the past.

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