The It is True That by , as Ericsson Pricts, We Will Have . Billion Iot Devices Equipp With Cellular Connectivity, the Arrival of G Will Open a New Business for Mobile Operators, First in the Collection of Data, Then in the Transport of the Same and, Finally, in the Data Analytics Associat With the Iot. As We See, the Number of Connect Devices Will Gradually Increase as Well as the Data Produc by Them. Unfortunately, in a Scenario That Grows in Wealth, It Also Grows in Risks Relat to Data Protection. To Address the Security Issue in a New Way, Interest is Growing in ge Data Collection Solutions That Act as Security Endpoints.

The Answer to This Demand for

Security Comes Mainly From the Data Itself. That is, the Ability to Know With Increasing Precision the Underlying Nes of the Projects and to Design the Solutions That Best Achieve Those Objectives Without Minimizing Exposure to All Risk Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Factors. The Spread of Internet of Things Devices in All Contexts (Homes, Companies, Manufacturing Plants, Public Administrations, Public Services, Hospitals, Etc.) Poses a Security Problem of Great Importance. The Research Company Gartner, in Its Study ‘worldwide Iot Security Spending Forecast – by Segment’, Draws Attention to the Risks and Vulnerabilities.

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Internet of Things and Reports That, in the Last Three Years, One in  Least One Attack on Their Iot Environments. The Vietnam Phone Number List Risk, Therefore, is No Longer Only in the Servers or Computers or Mobile Devices in the Possession of Staff, but in the Enormous Number of Smart Objects That Collect Data and Increasingly Contribute to Governing Our Buildings, Our Production and the Devices of Those of Us Who Depend on More Than Mobility Services. It is Clear That the Risks Are Certainly Not Minor When You Take Into Account That a Hacker Focus on Iot Can Shut Down a Production Plant or.

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