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Before the advent of the mobile Internet era, the more well-known product form of intelligent customer service based on the underlying communication layer was the call center. The natural combination with communications and extensive enterprise-level applications have brought about very stable industry development. AI voice technology’s ASR (speech recognition) and TTS (text-to-speech) also ushered in a mature period in the domestic market in the early 20th century. Many manufacturers such as iFlytek and Jietong Huasheng have overcome the technical problems of related technologies one by one. For the recognition and pronunciation of Chinese, mixed Chinese and English, and multi-language and multi-dialect languages, there are products that are commercially available.

What is a B-side product manager.

What is the difference between a C-side product manager and a C-side product manager? The B in the B-side product manager is Business, which means France Phone Number Data business. The B-side product manager must first understand the importance of this position and design a product solution that is more suitable for the needs of this project. B. The final product manager in his daily work .View details> In the field of call centers. Favorable factors such as short-duration phone voice scenarios. A highly private voice corpus training environment. And the clear willingness of enterprises to pay have also brought about the first combination of intelligent customer service and AI artificial intelligence technology. During the wave boom. Related companies that started at the same time launched AI applications such as intelligent quality inspection, intelligent voice assistant. And intelligent IVR voice navigation based on the characteristics of call center products. It has become a new industry standardized product and is still a typical application in the field of intelligent customer service.

AI voice + NLP natural language processing Around

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the mature development of the Internet and mobile Internet also pushed the second product form of intelligent customer service: online customer service products into a fully mature wave of marketization. Before NLP natural language processing Thailand Phone Number technology was available. Online customer service provided inquiries and feedback in the form of standard QA question and answer pairs and question lists. Based on NLP natural language processing, the ability to understand text, semantic processing. And emotion recognition is improved. More and more companies are beginning to build their own new generation of intelligent customer service robot technology through AI technology with NLP processing capabilities. Specifically reflected in the ability to have self-service conversations. Chats. And accurately identify customer intentions. A complete intelligent chat robot product based on knowledge base Q&A, NLU natural speech understanding, and NLG natural language output. And through context recognition, intent recognition, slot filling and certain productization process settings, AI robots can be enabled to perform some more complex services or marketing work.

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