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With the constant growth of Artificial Intelligence, we are also seeing a rise in the importance of authentic content. Brands are recognizing that. To stand out and connect with their potential consumers. It is essential to incorporate user-generated content (UGC). The UGC (User Generated Content) strategy implies that users and consumers are an active part in the creation of content related to a particular brand, product or service.  Although this concept is not new. We have been seeing it unconsciously on various social media platforms we use over the last year. In 2024, this trend will become even more official and many brands and companies will adopt it, especially on their social networks, with a prominent focus on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

The importance of UGC lies in several

Fundamental aspects, such as authenticity, creating a direct emotional connection with users, the feeling of belonging to a community, active participation Mexico Phone Number Data in said community and, most crucially, the humanization of the brand. . We must not forget the most essential thing: AI may be impressive, but it cannot replace human authenticity! The key is to give your followers a voice and allow them to be protagonists in the creation of content. Videos Ultracortos In a day to day of constant movement, who has time to watch long videos? This is the essence of the 2024 Marketing trends for videos. Imagine having only 3 seconds to capture your audience’s attention,

like the blink of an eye, would you be able to do it

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Ultrashort Videos – trends The competition is fierce, and brands are competing to be the fastest, most interesting, and most memorable in that short amount of time. Starting with an intriguing question or telling a story are some of the ways to New Zealand Phone Number attract attention from the beginning. This trend challenges creativity like we have never seen before. The first 3 seconds of a video are your cover letter, your opportunity to stand out amid the overwhelming flow of digital content. However, there is a trick, as it is not just about attracting attention, but also keeping it. Videos must be highly dynamic, with multiple visual elements in constant motion, or else attention will be lost. Those who achieve this will have more views and the possibility of going viral. Later, we will explore the trend of humor in advertising, which relates to this strategy. Additionally, it is important to remember that adaptability is key; what works on TikTok won’t necessarily work on Instagram.

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