More than K organizations use it and it has more than million daily active users Im talking about the business communication platform Slack. The platform was founded in and now more than years later it has undergone many developments and added features. I will go into this in more detail in this article. Like many other organizations Slack cannot ignore trends and developments in the world . They are not left behind when it comes to the hype surrounding artificial intelligence AI.

Slack AI was launched on February

The platform promises a safe and reliable AI experience that can Benin Phone Number Database you throughout your workday. Slack AI Research by Gartner shows that of digital workers have difficulty finding the necessary work information. of employees indicate that they have made the wrong decision due to lack of awareness. So with the addition of AI Slack hopes to change this. Screenshot of Gartner research Screenshot from Gartner using AI such as Search answers personal and intelligent answers to your questions Channel Overviews Key highlights from accessible and public channels Thread summaries catch up on long conversations with click.

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These new AI capabilities give

Our customers access to the collective knowledge within Slack so Indonesia Phone Number can work smarter move faster and spend their time on things that drive real innovation and growth. Denise Dresser CEO Slack minutes. Thats the average time you could save with Slack AI according to an internal Slack analysis. So its definitely worth trying out in my opinion. Fast personalized search results Slack calls it the holy grail instant tailored answers to your questions. Just like when you use ChatGPT you no longer have to search endlessly for answers. The AIpowered search function gives users clear concise and personalized answers. These answers will direct you to the relevant Slack messages. The results are delivered based on public communications channels and your personal.

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