Finding that companies embracing ESG practices are generally perceived as having lower risk and higher valuations. Additionally, those with strategic and differentiated ESG approaches displayed higher returns in capital and enjoyed greater competitive advantage and higher profitability, according to the study. But shared value also has immense potential beyond just a business’ bottom line. In fact, it has the potential to disrupt business models, shake-up go-to-market strategies and reinvent customer experience — and even customer understanding — as a result.

It’s part of business practice now

Dr. Porter said. “If you (haven’t figured) out that you ought to do this stuff, then where have you been?” How Leadership is Demonstrating Value No longer Denmark Phone Number Data are leaders able to simply speak about best practices for social and environmental impact. Today, accountability is becoming more and more transparent. Ninety-five percent of the largest 250 companies issue corporate sustainability reports, many of those through the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Furthermore, nearly 80 percent of major companies include sustainability line items in their audited annual reports, according to the Harvard report. Nestle, for example, recently said its quarterly reports will now highlight how the company is creating shared value, beginning with the way in which its Nespresso coffee brand is delivering on sustainability.

HP has also been releasing regular sustainability

Impact reports for some time as part of its commitment to improve lives with technology. Along the way, the company has learned quite a bit about the value our sustainability efforts create for the business. For instance, last year, after looking at data Belgium Phone Number List from 2017, we discovered that we had added at least $700 million in new revenues from deals in which sustainability was a key consideration. While initially surprising, it probably shouldn’t have been, because research demonstrates a strong correlation between corporate sustainability and financial results. Ensuring that reporting metrics are clear is a key part of creating shared value, but these efforts require a strong vision that starts at the top.

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