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The Manufacturers) Are Those Contexts in Which There Are “things” That Can “speak” and Generate New Information, Such as: Home, Smart Home, Home Automation. Smart Buildings, Building Automation. Industrial Supervision, Robotics, Collaborative Robotics. Automobile Industry, Autonomous Cars. Smart Health, Healthcare, Biomical World. All Areas of Telemetry. All Areas of Surveillance and Security. Smart City, Smart Mobility. New Forms of Digital Payment Through Objects. Smart Agri-food, Precision Agriculture, Field Sensors. Livestock, Wearables for Animals. Iot Today: How Many Connect Objects Are There? Iot Analytics Estimates That There Are Currently Billion Connect Devices, of Which Billion Are Iot.

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Will Be Up to Billion. A Downward Estimate, as Iot Analytics Points Out in the State of Iot-spring Report Present in May. What is Holding Back the Growth of Iot Connections is the Chip Shortage, Trigger on a Global Scale by Repeat Lockdowns in China During the Covid- Pandemic. Other Factors Slowing the Growth of New Iot Connections Despite Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Demand Are Global Inflation and the Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine. Future of Iot the Growth of Iot Devices, Add to Greater Internet Penetration and New Mobile Networks With Greater Data Transmission Capacity, Open the Door to New Possibilities. In Addition, Its Growth Also Implies a Ruction in Costs by Accessing the Benefits of Economies of Scale.

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Trends Are Security by Design. There Are Several Infamous Cases, Such as the Mirai Botnet, Because the Immense Variety of Iot Devices Are a Big Target for Cybercriminals to Ignore. Therefore, One of the First Challenges is Sweden Phone Number List How to Protect Very Design. Health . This Field is So Large That It Has Its Own Distinction: the Internet of Mical Things (Iomt) or Healthcare Iot, a Vertical That Has Been Gaining Relevance in Recent Years and Was Stimulat by the Covid- Pandemic. Metaverse . With Millions of Dollars Fueling the Metaverse.

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