The about us page shows what the company stands for gives an idea of the team and the underlying history. VerheesPlus advertising portrays history in contemporary reality and in a sustainable experience. Make an impact with personal stories A personal story contributes to the cribility of the organization. Below you will find examples of personal stories with which the sole proprietorship or SME immiately differentiates itself from the competitor.


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Werkt tells the personal story of founder Arno Peters Not being able to work and Peru Phone Number Database to work feels like you are not participating in the world for a while. Gisela Timmermans does not understand herself and is not understood. It almost l to a divorce until menopause was diagnos at the age of 43. It is her motivation to establish YU Care . As a child Lisette Goes secretly wears heels in her parents shoe store. She feels great and now gives color and clothing advice to women over 45 with ColourBusiness . The about us page is an important tool to distinguish the organization from its competitors. A decisive factor for the visitor whether or not to do business with the organization.

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Show who you are what you do for whom and why

Step into the Spotlight Storytelling Switzerland Email List others want to hear Illustrat by personal true events that determine where a company is today. Sh. Prompt Relay For example start your prompt like this We want to play relay promptly . Each colleague adds a sentence to jointly create a story. This is the first sentence One stormy evening Marie saw something glittering in the garden. ChatGPT adds in this case As she got closer she discover a small metal box halfburi under the autumn leaves. Then the next colleague adds another sentence and you continue like this until the story is complete. What do you learn from this This exercise will help you see how a prompt can lead to different directions.

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