The customer is very important, the customer will be followed by the customer. As the land of the land, the mourning nor the corporal of the land, the pillow of the lion.Note: Professor Vijay Govindarajan will participate as a speaker at the “World Business Forum” event, which is brought exclusively to our students thanks to Laureate International Universities, a presentation that we can encourage, he promises.The reason for this problem without apparent rescue was the creation of pagogical institutes in the governments of Alberto Fujimori and Alejandro Tolo, as well as faculties of ucation that graduate people not suitable for the teaching-learning process. These institutions offer a large number of vacancies with regulations that have been creat within the faculties of ucation and pagogy, true teacher factories, impoverishing the teaching career.

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Universities have a noble and important mission describ in laws and regulations: to become centers that generate knowlge that must be disseminat through teaching and project to the social environment. However, the indicators of scientific production in universities show low productivity b2b email list in relation to the world level. The reason for every ucational problem is also due to the great power structures that determine the future of ucation and global ucational systems. Aside from this situation, it is worth highlighting the Moquegua region, which for the third consecutive year and by a wide margin surpasses other regions in its levels of reading comprehension and resolution of mathematical operations.

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 According to RPP data, “in Moquegua 63 out of every 100 children understand perfectly what they read, almost double what happens in Piura. Likewise, 43% of students reach a satisfactory level in mathematics. In contrast, in Cajamarca only 13% of schoolchildren do so.” There are also statistics that show a percentage of students who achiev the expect learning objectives in the text TG Numbers comprehension competence or in the mathematical area. According to the current curricular structure, the results reflect that Moquegua has a 59.2% achievement rate, making it the highest in the country, while Apurímac has

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