Client-Server Structure.  The architecture must be clearly. Divided between clients. Servers and the resources they exchange, using HTTP for client requests. Stateless communication. Data caching. Data can be cached to improve. Request efficiency. Reducing the load on the server and speeding up response to the client. Uniform Interface. To ensure standardization in the transfer of information. Certain standards must be followed.  Clear and unique identification of the requested resources. Separating these from the representations. That are sent to the client. The representation received by the client must be complete, allowing him to manipulate the resource. Messages sent to the client must be self-descriptive,

Including the information necessary for processing.

Incorporation of hypertext or hypermedia. Allowing the client to discover other actions available through hyperlinks. Layer System. The Laos Phone Number Data servers. Involved in processing the request are organized in layers. Hidden from the client, which may include functions such as security and load balancing.  Code on Demand (Optional): Possibility of transferring executable code from the server to the client to extend its functionalities. Unlike more rigid protocols like SOAP. Which require a specific structure and heavier communication.  This flexibility allows RESTful APIs to be faster. Lighter, and more adaptable. Making them ideal for applications in the.

Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile development

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Thanks to their ability to adjust to various needs and contexts. On the other hand. REST is simply a guiding.  Principle for how to use Russia Phone Number URLs and the HTTP protocol to structure an API. This term stands for Representational State Transfer , which means that between any two calls, the service does not save data. For example. We can authenticate a user with their email and password in a call. But the next one we make will have already forgotten. The previous authentication request. So what is a REST API? A REST API is a backend capable of answering calls to a series of URLs in.  JSON format (it is a simple text format for exchanging data) and is also capable of receiving JSON to. Manage the information we send to it.

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