Also read this: TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers The world is changing fast and what is on the surface today will be just a memory in 6 months. Ask and listen. The better questions you ask, the better answers you get. Respect your readers and promise to help them. 7 mistakes you should avoid if your blog has been on hiatus 4. You imagine that the reader will automatically remember you #karutotuus is, out of sight – out of mind. This has a significant impact on what kind of content you should publish first after the break. If you want, you can share old blog posts again and remind who you are and what you do. Let them know you’re here for your they’re your readers. Give your readers the best possible content to get back into their hearts and reading lists quickly.

Readers and remind them why

 Did you read this: What to do if the blog completely flops? 5. You start writing on the same blog about a completely new topic During the long break, one thing or special data another has happened. You may also change your mind about what you want to write about in your blog. Although the temptation is great, avoid a drastic change of blog topic in the middle of everything. Depending on the new topic, try to move from one topic to another logically. Of course, it requires time and patience, but it is significantly better in terms of trust and credibility.  new blog . 6. You forget the post plan If you don’t already have a posting plan, now is the time to do so. At its simplest, you do it in a spreadsheet program.

Another option is to start a completely

You can plan the blog texts to be published in advance, for example three months ahead. Then you always know what you’re writing about, who you’re writing to and what perspective you’re taking on each post. Without a plan, blogging is like driving a car down the highway in the wrong direction. You will get ahead, but not where you really want to be. However, you probably want to use the blog TG Numbers as a marketing channel, to build a brand, or to build an income stream through it. Perhaps you want to strengthen your own expertise by writing a lot of value-added content. The bigger goals you have for your blog, the more goal-oriented and planned blogging is. 7. You stop blogging altogether In some situations, of course, this may be possible, but I still don’t recommend throwing your gloves on the counter.

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