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 Now it is your turn: Reserve 60 minutes of time Put the plan into action Plan the posts and publish them on social media Implement In the video below, I show how you can create versatile content for different social media  you should avoid if your blog has been on hiatus For reputation and brand building | 0 Comments | Tibia Continent This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 80 SHARES Facebook 77 Twitter Pinterest 3 LinkedIn 7 mistakes you should avoid if your blog has been on hiatus. throws surprising events on the path and you have to react to them. It’s so busy at work that I don’t have time to take a coffee break for half a year. All the time goes into acquiring clients and I don’t see my family except maybe on longer vacations.

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Although every blogger/entrepreneur has a firm intention to write regularly and publish new content steadily, not everything always goes like Storms. So if you are facing a (humble) return to blogging after a long (or really long) break, here is 7 mistakes you should avoid if your blog has been on hiatus 1. You make the break too big a number After a long break, it’s easy to “explain” why the texts haven’t arrived. However, it is completely pointless, because the  readers are not interested. Instead, readers latest database want to trust that new content will be published steadily from now on. The worst thing you can do is to open yourself up to the root of everything that happened and dump the whole story on your readers’ necks, whining about what happened.  comeback can strengthen your relationship with your readers, but done wrong, the reader will leave your blog faster than you can tell a cat.

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A better option is to focus on the future and make sure that readers get good content – consistently. 2. You promise the moon from the sky, even if you don’t even look up to the stars After a long break, it’s easy to promise “New blog posts every day!” But when the next rush, stress or crisis hits the path, the promises remain  unfulfilled. Start writing blog posts TG Numbers slowly. Promise to publish one new text every two weeks. Or every week. The  best thing is if you can write 5 blog posts in the “storage”, which are then easy and quick to publish and share on social media. When there are ready-made blog posts in the reserve, you can easily write new ones and schedule them ready. Also read this: 5 ways to use a blog to build a brand 3. You write about what you want, not what the reader wants to read It’s always easier to win the trust of readers by giving them what they want the most. That’s why you shouldn’t assume that after a (6-month) break, you know for sure what the reader wants.

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