Direct contact with your blog followers through a periodic newsletter is a great way to keep your audience up to date with all the new content you publish and a very interesting way to enhance direct contact with your readers. Email marketing, although it is not strictly the case that concerns us today. Therefore, is one of the techniques most used by companies to contact people really interested in the products, services or content they offer, and in the case of a blog it is very similar. Keep in mind that the people to whom you are going to send your content via email are users of enormous quality for you because you are certain

Direct contact with your readers

Direct contact with your readers. If we say that it is important to pay special attention to the interests of readers and email contact list  especially subscribers. Therefore, why not ask them. A newsletter, in addition to content allows us to contact users and find out the opinion of our audience on any topic related to the blog. That opinion is invaluable because who better than readers can tell us. the traffic your blog receives from this source is of the best quality. The users who receive your newsletter are proactive people. who do not want to miss anything and therefore the traffic your blog receives from this source is of the best quality.

SumoMe Plugin for WordPress

Personally, it is the way I like the most and the one with which I am achieving the best results. SumoMe is one of those plugins for WordPress that you absolutely have to have, whether you want to get the paid version or if you prefer to use the functionalities it allows in its free version. In this case we are going to talk only about the possibilities it offers regarding the topic we are talking about, attracting subscribers TG Numbers for your newsletter. We find these functions, once we have installed the plugin. Therefore, by clicking on the blue box in the upper right corner of our screen and then on “Sumo Store”.

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