The too. A call to all and photos on all those Google Business Profiles in Maps . This way you help the rest of the community and AI to show the best suggestions for other users. AI in Google Maps Feature . Immersive view for Routes Last year I wrote an article about the Google Paris Live event where Google explain Immersive View among other things. With AR technology Google would make it possible to give you a D feeling that you are actually in a place you want to visit. Immersive View is now increasingly visible in Google Maps also in the Netherlands. A new feature within Immersive View is Immersive View for routes .


This feature allows you to see every

step of your journey before you get there. This becomes possible for driving Pakistan WhatsApp Number Database or walking. Immersive View for routes will also be available in Amsterdam in . Do you want to walk from Amsterdam Central Station to the Rijksmuseum Then request the route within Google Maps tap on Immersive view and the route will be shown in D. You can mentally prepare each turn. Google will also be able to estimate traffic and weather conditions depending on when you plan to leave.

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Google has also announc that indoor Live View will be launch in some Australia Telegram Number so you can find the nearest toilet or parking garage inside buildings or on public transport. indoor immersive view Feature . Advanc navigation Do you use Google Maps for navigation on the road I do. And million others too. I like that Google Maps can show where there has been an accident and where I am stuck in traffic. In the near future Google Maps navigation will be upgrad again . Google claims that navigation will soon be able to do the following A more realistic representation of the environment. The colors will.

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